Health benefits of bulletproof coffee?

Coffee is consumed by millions of people every day and it gives you a boost to kick up for your day. This beverage is drunk in may different ways; espresso, cappuccino, latte and recently even with CBD oil! There is now a new type of coffee preparation called bulletproof coffee which is made up of coffee, grass-fed butter and coconut oil. Being a coffee lover I have of course tried it and I will show you what are the health benefits of bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof coffee is also known as keto coffee or butter coffee and is acclaimed for its energizing effects. This is because it can substitute a complete carb-breakfast; it contains quality fats that can keep you fueled and satisfied for hours.

How was bulletproof coffee created?

health benefits of bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee was created by the American entrepreneur and author Dave Asprey. The idea sprung to his mind while traveling to Tibet where he tasted the yak-butter tea. When he returned to America he did some experiments creating buttered drink recipes and in 2009, he published the preparation of buttered coffee on his blog.

It has been claimed that this beverage can contribute to increase IQ scores, moreover it can also improve cognition capacity and act as a catalyst for weight loss.

The characteristics of Bulletproof coffee make it a perfect match for Ketogenic diet (or Keto diet) which is a high fat and low carb diet that can provides many benefits to your body. So this add more ground to the claims for many health benefits of bulletproof coffee.

How is bulletproof coffee prepared?

health benefits of bulletproof coffee


  • Coffee
  • Grass-fed butter
  • MCT oil or powder ( you can also substitute it with coconut oil)

  1. First of all, prepare your cup of coffee, usually its 10 grams for a cup of 180 ml but you can adjust the dosage as per your preference. Pour it in a blender
  2. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of MCT oil/powder or coconut oil.
  3. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of unsalted butter.
  4. Blend the mixture until you get a frothy texture

It is advised to use a blender or a frother to mix all the ingredients thoroughly so that the coffee obtained is not oily. Moreover, it will also make the fats emulsified so that you obtain a creamy and smooth coffee with a frothy top just like a latte!

I discovered the coffee hack while browsing the internet looking for some articles on self development and health enhancement. Hence, when I found the health benefits of bulletproof coffee I decided to have a try at it.

However, because of the availability and high prices of some ingredients, my coffee was prepared with bio ground coffee, coconut oil and unsalted grass butter. With these ingredients costing me about $17 I was able to obtain around 25 cups of bulletproof coffee!

Main Health benefits of bulletproof coffee?

1. Energy boost

health benefits of bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee can substitute a full breakfast and make you feel less hungry in the morning thanks to the good fats. MCT and coconut oil act as super fuel for your body. This is because they can be quickly  absorbed as they have shorter chains of triglycerides. MCT oil do not require bile or pancreatic enzymes to be digested and hence goes quickly to the bloodstream.

As I like hiking and trail running ( range of 10 – 20 km) I was curious to see the effects of this source of instant energy on my sport performances. I took a cup bulletproof coffee as breakfast before a 10 km race and noticed that my energy level increased substantially compared to my other sessions with normal breakfast.

To be honest I did not run twice as fast as usual but my efforts were more consistent and less painful, even after the race I still had sufficient energy!

2. Bulletproof Coffee help you to reduce excess weight

health benefits of bulletproof coffee

One of the main health benefits of bulletproof coffee is that it can help to boost your metabolism. It also trigger weight loss through ketosis principle. The lack of carbs make your body increase its fat-burning mechanism.

Drinking coffee alone just before workouts make you burn more calories, with bulletproof coffee the reaction is multiplied as you get more endurance to exercise more!

3. Better Mental Clarity

Advocates of bulletproof coffee claim that it helps to improve mental clarity and cognition capacity. This is thanks to the caffeine in coffee and nutrients found in MCT/coconut oil.

Besides, coffee already help to stimulate the central nervous system which make you more focused, alert and responsive. With extra energy and a vivid mind your day can only be better with a cup of buttered coffee!

4. Bulletproof coffee can lower your cholesterol

health benefits of bulletproof coffeeAnother of the several health benefits of bulletproof coffee is that it helps to lower cholesterol. The saturated fats in the grass-fed butter increase the levels of good cholesterol and mitigate the effects of bad cholesterol.

Better cholesterol control means better heart conditions and painless physical activities.

Conclusion on the health benefits of bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee may be the new hack for health enhancement and is very easy to prepare and consume. Many persons have claimed the different health benefits of bulletproof coffee.

Nowadays there are specific products available to prepare this beverage like Brain Octane MCT oil and bulletproof friendly ground coffee.

Though I do not follow keto diet I have personally enjoyed the experience of bulletproof coffee. I do have one or two cups of it twice a month for my running sessions. What about you? Do you think you can try it?

I hope you have enjoyed this article and will be glad to hear your views about the health benefits of bulletproof coffee!