Discover different ways brewing coffee

different ways brewing coffee

For coffee lovers, nothing beats a good cup of perfectly brewed coffee. The art of doing it may now only be seen in coffee shops and through coffee corners of coffee enthusiasts’ homes. The popularity, blended flavors, and ease of preparation of instant coffees may have made original coffee-making techniques too complicated to do. To add with that, instant coffee machines that use pods or capsules have made manual coffee-making techniques look more of a hassle and challenge. Honestly, nothing beats the taste of freshly brewed coffee. If you don’t have a clue on how it is done, discover different ways brewing coffee below.

Four Different ways brewing coffee :


1. The French Press

A French Press is one of the most traditional and popular ways of brewing coffee. The process is very easy to do as it only involves the right timing while having less waste as it does not need a coffee filter.

different ways brewing coffee

  1. Start by preheating the french press (without the plunger) using hot water and let it sit for a while. Measure coffee beans depending on your desired flavor. If you’re clueless on the exact amounts, it is recommended to have 2 tablespoons for every 8 oz of water.
  2. Grind measured coffee beans to coarse or medium coarse.
  3. Heat room temperature water for 30 to 45 seconds in a kettle. While waiting, dry out the carafe and add ground beans.
  4. Pour hot water slowly and evenly, then put the lid with the plunger up for 4 minutes then slowly press it down.
  5. Pour over a warm cup and enjoy! You will taste a classic coffee flavor with depth and strength while being aromatic.

2. The AeroPress

Aeropress is actually invented by Alan Adler in 1984 and became a brand. It works like a syringe where you have to press and extract the brewed coffee. People would recommend doing the reverse style as it is easier and safer.

different ways brewing coffee

In doing this method;

  1. Grind your coffee beans first to medium-fine grind.
  2. In an inverted method, insert the plunger until it is on the top part (circle 4).
  3. Add a heaping scoop (using the scooper included in the package) of the ground beans and pour hot water slowly and evenly until it reaches circle 3.
  4. Wait for 30 minutes then stir gently 3 times using the paddle.
  5. Fill the water on the top and screw the filter. Wait for 1 1/2 minute. Place a cup on top and flip it, while holding it together with the chamber at the same time.

The AeroPress should be sitting at the top of the cup. You can now plunge the coffee carefully and gently until all the liquid is out.

Enjoy the single-serve, quick brewing coffee that has low acidity and rich in flavor. This portable coffee brewer can create customizable coffee flavors together with the different recipes available.

3. The Syphon Brewer

This is considered to be one of the oldest brewing methods that still fascinates a lot of coffee lovers. It creates the cleanest, clarified, and crisp coffee flavor. This is a unique and fun experience but may require the help of professionals to do it perfectly.

different ways brewing coffee

  1. Starting the process of a vacuum pot, grind coffee beans to medium grind.
  2. Place the filter in its place tightly on the top beaker. Place hot water with a temperature of 200 degrees on the bottom beaker while on the stand and clamp.
  3. Start the butane burner on high below the bottom beaker. Once the water is boiling, add the top beaker and see the water goes up.
  4. Turn the butane burner to low to avoid topwater from boiling. Add ground coffee and stir slowly. Wait for about one minute and 45 seconds for the coffee to brew.
  5. Turn off the heat and stir about 5 times, then see the brewed coffee go down to the bottom beaker. Grab a mug, pour, and savor the cleanest coffee you’ve ever tasted!

4.The Pour Over

There are various tools when talking about pour-over coffee. For beginners, this is a great way to learn more about coffee and allows experimenting to explore different recipes and options.

One of the well-known pour-over is the V60, which refers to the V-shaped cone with a 60-degree angle. Other pour-over variants are Kalita wave, Chemex, and the bee house. The coffee is done with this technique results in a clean and filtered cup with limited bitterness.

different ways brewing coffee

Let us focus on the V60 as one of the different ways brewing coffee in this method. It is recommended to use freshly ground coffee beans of about 15 grams per 250 ml of water.

  1. Place a filter paper on top of a V60 while it is sitting on a decanter.
  2. Wet the filter with hot water, which will also warm the decanter. Place the ground beans on top and create a well in the center.
  3. Discard the water on the decanter and place back the V60 with the wet filter on top of it.
  4. Place them on a weighing scale, making the weight zeroed. Then gently pour 50 grams of water evenly into the coffee grounds.
  5. Grab the brewer and slowly stir it in a circular motion until the water and coffee are mixed well. Rest for about 45 seconds then add the remaining water evenly.
  6. Watch out as it may not drip out easily, so it is better to pour continuously but very slowly. When you have reached the right amount, slowly stir using a spoon to allow even filtering. When all the water seemed to drip on the decanter, grab a mug and drink your coffee!

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Final thoughts on the different ways brewing coffee

Most of the different ways brewing coffee would require a gooseneck kettle, as it allows proper distribution and consistent water flow when pouring it.

This kind of kettle may not be necessary, but water distribution affects the coffee taste and quality. Whatever technique or method of brewed coffee you prefer, do not forget the most essential factor – the coffee beans. It will provide the flavor, then you can select the best brewing method for you.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that now you will be tempted to make your coffee using the traditional methods! If you like making your coffee old style we will be happy that you share your experience with us!




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2 thoughts on “Discover different ways brewing coffee”

  1. Hey there Arnaud. Thank you for this great post. I am a big coffee lover and am always looking for a new way how to make it, even more, tastier (and healthier). I started to use some of the bio and fairtrade coffee, but ground coffee. Filter it( according to your post it would be the pour-over method) and add the soya milk and love it. However, after reading your article, I do wonder…Which method you think is the healthiest and if it makes difference to use full beans or ground coffee? Cheers

    1. Hi Julius,

      The health grade of your coffee will mainly depend on it source. As for me I like trying organic and artisanal coffee where the farmers do not use any pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The price is a bit hefty but if worth the health 🙂
      On the other side the way you brew your coffee or the type of beans used will mostly and greatly impact the taste and flavor of your coffee. My tips is to use full beans coffee because as you will grind it a few minutes before making your cup of coffee and the taste and flavor will be more intense and complex!

      Just try it and give us some feedback:)


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