Coffee Cosmetic Products

Coffee is already a versatile ingredient as a drink and food. Coffee can be infused in different beverages such as alcohol, or as an ingredient in foods such as cakes and even in main courses. Aside from being edible, have you heard of coffee cosmetic products? This may sound weird for some, but there are a lot of witnesses to the effects of coffee as a part of a beauty regimen.

Facts About Coffee Cosmetic Products

There are a lot more antioxidants present in coffee compared to tea and wine, in a study made by the American Chemical Society. As taking coffee internally boosts metabolism and energy that gives an external glow to anyone drinking it, applying coffee topically has its benefits too.

Studies made by various dermatologists reveal the benefits of using coffee directly to the skin. Well, the caffeine from coffee should be the element largely credited for the effect, though coffee itself has its own benefits. This is the reason why a lot of coffee cosmetic products are showing in the market.

Benefits of Coffee Cosmetic Products

Here are some reasons why you should start using coffee cosmetic products:

    1. Treating dark circles under the eyes

Image source: Skincraft
Image source: Skincraft

Making a paste out of coffee grounds mixed with olive oil helps in the dilation of blood vessels that trigger dark circles, according to Beverly Hills MD Cosmeceuticals.


    2. Use as an acne treatment

The chlorogenic acids in coffee are proven to reduce inflammation that can also protect from some bacteria that contribute to acne. Scrubbing the face with coffee grounds removes dead skin cells and can unclog pores to avoid blemishes.


3. Coffee Cosmetic Products help for Sun protection and anti-aging benefits

Though it may need further research, studies show that coffee contains an antioxidant known as polyphenols. It helps protect the skin from UV rays and skin aging due to sun exposure. A study was made in 2015 on a number of Japanese women aged 30 to 60 years old who consumed polyphenols from coffee and other sources, which resulted to have fewer age spots in the face.


    4. Cellulite reduction

Coffee Cosmetic Products
Image source: The welness people

Not just for the face, the effects of coffee can also be realized through the skin all over the body. The caffeine content in coffee reduces the appearance of cellulite in the skin. It works by improving overall blood supply by the dilation of blood vessels under the skin that decreases the appearance of cellulite.


    5.  Exfoliation

Coffee Cosmetic Products
Image source: L’oreal Paris

Coffee grounds are a great exfoliant as it does not dissolve in water. This property being insoluble in water is great at scrubbing away dead skin cells. Caffeic acid in coffee boosts collagen levels that are known to improve skin health.

    6. Prevents skin cancer

Coffee is known to be a rich source of Vitamin B3 or also known as Niacin. The key compound in coffee called trigonelline is broken down into Niacin after the beans are roasted. The Skin Cancer Foundation states that niacin can aid in the prevention of nonmelanoma skin cancers.

    7. Relaxing effect

Coffee is known as a ‘perk me up’ drink, but applying the coffee grounds to the skin can give a calming effect due to the antioxidants present inside it.


Easy To Use Coffee Cosmetic Products

The process of grinding coffee beans can be messy and time-consuming. As a result, popular skincare and cosmetics manufacturers create products that are infused with coffee.

They may even add some ingredients to further enhance the result of the benefits of coffee in the skin. These are some of the brands offering coffee cosmetic products that are easily available in the market:

    1. UpCircle

Their Organic Facial Serum with Coffee is added with jojoba, sea buckthorn, and rosehip oils. This coffee cosmetic product help boost collagen and make skin firmer than ever. The antioxidants present in the product promises to brighten skin too.

    2. Lush

Lush is a brand known to make products that are not tested on animals, on recycled packaging, and 100% vegetarian. One of their best-selling products is the Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask, which has the rich and aromatic smell of coffee while it exfoliates the skin.

    3. The Body Shop

Another brand known for making environmental efforts like Lush, The Body Shop uses the power of coffee combined with Guarana extract in their Skin Energizing Kit For Men that gives an energizing grooming routine that includes a cleanser and moisturizer.

  4. Inspired From Coffee

Even though they are not infused with real ones, there are popular products that use a wide range of brown shades inspired by roasted coffee. Though they don’t have the benefits from real coffee, these brands give the beauty of coffee!

    5. Laura Mercier

The brand’s Matte Eye Color in Coffee Ground eyeshadow provides a medium-dark shade like it’s straight from freshly brewed beans. It has a soft and soft texture without being powdery.

    6. Christian Dior (cosmetics)

The Addict Lacquer Stick in 904 – Black Coffee from Dior promises a shiny, saturated lip color while providing weightless wear. This lipstick is easy to apply that has the inspiration and shade of pure black coffee reminiscent of your favorite morning drink.

Should You Use Coffee Cosmetic Products?

Yes, you should! The health benefits of coffee do not only show when it is taken as a drink but as a beauty product as well. Being 100% natural, this is a recommended alternative that has minimal or fewer side effects compared to those available in the market.

Coffee Cosmetic Products

Now that we know that coffee is more than just a part of our morning routine, coffee can also be a great addition to our skincare routine to make us look better than ever.

Final thoughts

Coffee has proved that it is much more than a beverage. It can be very useful and beneficial in our daily beauty routine. There are many beauty hacks that use coffee to prepare DIY skin care products at very affordable price. Do you use coffee as part of your cosmetic products? We will be glad to hear to hear from you 🙂



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  1. Hi Arnaud,

    I am a big fan of using coffee based products on my skin so thanks for spreading the good news! I use a serum under my eyes but I did not know it could help with acne. It’s just a natural oil based serum that doesn’t have to solely be used on the under eye so I might try it out on my acne spots. At least my face will smell amazing!

    I’ve also used a body scrub in the shower that was made of coffee grounds and it was amazing and makes the shower smell SO GOOD. 10/10 recommend everyone trying it at some point.

    Thanks so much!

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