How many types of coffee are there?

Most probably like many of you, I like to have a long cup of hot coffee in the morning. This help me to kick start my day and be more alert and responsive at work. Sometimes during critical and stressful moment while trying to solve some problems I drink a short cup of coffee. The strong coffee have extra caffeine which boost my mental capacity. Do you how many types of coffee are there?

When newly discovered, coffee was simply prepared with hot water but nowadays it is a beverage that is so popular that we even have expert (barista and coffee connoisseur).


How many types of coffee are there
Coffee is consumed in different ways across the various cultures and regions of the world. The base ingredient remain coffee but in varying quantity and sometimes with extras like milk, chocolate and even ice cream. So how many types of coffee are there? You will be surprised to know that there are actually around 40 types of coffee, DrinkMyCoffee will show you some of the best ones, so Let’s have a look at them.

How many types of coffee are there? Our selection of 15 coffee types

1. Black Coffee

This is the traditional coffee that almost everyone of us has tasted. It’s the simplest type of coffee which consist of coffee and hot water. Another type of coffee is black coffee but with sugar and/or milk.


2. Turkish Coffee

How many types of coffee are there

Turkish coffee is unfiltered and contain a high level of caffeine, what make it special is that it also contain cardamon or cinnamon spice. Any type of coffee can be use for the preparation though arabica is considered as the best for it. The beverage is usually prepared in a traditional recipient called cezve or ibrik and can also be consumed with sugar

3. Bulletproof coffee

How many types of coffee are there

This type of coffee is prepared with coffee, grass-fed butter and coconut oil and take its origin from the yak-butter tea made by Tibetans. Bulletproof coffee is claimed for its energy-boosting effects, it can substitute a complete-carb breakfast and keep you fueled for the day. It is also known as keto coffee or butter coffee.

4. Iced Coffee

How many types of coffee are there

Coffee is often perceived as a hot beverage, but it can be also be delicious when consumed chilled! It is usually prepared by pouring room temperature brewed coffee in ice cube trays which is froze. The coffee cube are poured in cold coffee and then you have to add coffee creamer and/or sweet condensed milk. You can use a shaker to prepare your ice coffee so that it does not dilute while melting.

5. Espresso

How many types of coffee are there

Espresso can be described as the emblem of coffee, who has never heard of or drink an espresso? This type of coffee is usually short in measure and is highly concentrated, which gives you an intense caffeine dose. Espresso have a surface of foam on the top called crema, this is because the coffee is brewed under pressure.

6. Americano – The long Espresso

How many types of coffee are thereAmericano coffee is a long version of Espresso, it is prepared by diluting Espresso coffee with hot water. Though water is added it still remains a strong coffee, the intensity will depend on how many shot of Espresso and quantity of water is mixed.

7. Ristretto – The highly concentrated short Espresso

How many types of coffee are there

Ristretto is another variable of the Espresso, it is basically a short shot of espresso prepared with the same ground coffee. However it is extracted using a finer grind and with half the amount of water i.e 30 ml. This coffee gives you a super shot of caffeine which boost your alertness.

8. Lungo

How many types of coffee are there

Lungo coffee is the opposite of Risretto, this time you add a single shot of Espresso with twice as much water (ratio 1:2) .Futhermore cup of Lungo is usually around 100ml and is shorter than an Americano which have a coffee to water ratio of 1:4.

9. Doppio -The double Espresso

How many types of coffee are there

Doppio is the Italian word for ‘double’ and a Doppio coffee is a double shot of Espresso. The coffee is extracted using a double coffee filter in the portafilter and the quantity is usually around 60ml.

10. Cappuccino

How many types of coffee are there

Cappuccino is another popular coffee type which is available in every coffee shop. It contains an even quantity of double Espresso, foamed milk and steamed milk. Sometimes the foamed milk can be replaced by cream and the beverage can also be flavored with chocolate, vanilla, caramel, raspberry and even cinnamon! It can be mistaken with a Latte, but the difference is that the ratio of Espresso/steamed milk/foamed milk in a Cappuccino is 1:1:1 whereas in a Latte it is 2:3:1.

11. Irish Coffee

How many types of coffee are there

The Irish Coffee is a cocktail which is prepared by mixing hot coffee with Irish whiskey and sugar. Furthermore the mixture is topped with cream and is usually drank in a mug. It is told that during cold weather in Ireland, Joe Sheridan the Chef of a restaurant who was situated in a port decided to create hot coffee with whiskey to warm up his customers. This is how Irish Coffee was born!

12. Red eye Coffee

How many types of coffee are there

The Red Eye coffee is brewed coffee which is topped with a shot of Espresso. When brewed coffee is topped with two shots of Espresso it is then called Black Eye coffee.

13. Chai Latte

How many types of coffee are there

Chai is a spiced tea which originate from India and is prepared with tea, milk and spice like cardamon or cinnamon. Hence the variation Chai Latte is a combination of Espresso, steamed milk and Chai.


14. Mocha

How many types of coffee are there
Mocha consists of Espresso, hot milk, chocolate syrup and sweetener like cocoa powder and sugar. It is interesting to note that you can use different types of chocolates like dark or milk ones.

15. Affogato

How many types of coffee are there

What we have seen just before is coffee served as cocktail, but it can also be served as dessert! Affogato consists of ice cream scoops (usually vanilla flavor) which are topped with a shot of Espresso. It is a famous Italian dessert and sometimes you can add cream liqueur like Baileys to it.

How many types of coffee are there? Our thoughts..

Finally to answer the question of how many types of coffee are there, we can conclude that there are many different types; hot, cold, strong, short, long and with alcohol. This shows how coffee is tremendously popular and how its preparation has varied across different cultures.

I hope you enjoy this article and will try to make one of these coffee types, we will be glad to hear your views!